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Veneto Secrets

Veneto Secrets is the first guide that will take you on a delicious voyage of discovery to the very best places that Veneto has to offer. Places that combine a tantalising blend of taste and beauty, hand-picked by opinion leaders and trendsetters who have chosen the finest, off-the-beaten-path activities just for you. Experiential places, rooted in the history of the region, which will please both foodies and design lovers.

The Gritti Palace - Veneto Secrets

Our “Secrets”

We review only those hidden gems that allow travellers to enjoy great service, excellent products, a beautiful environment, and the joy of a smiley welcome. Places devoted to quality where unique details make the design, and the atmosphere defines a precise style.

Reviewed For You

We personally visit each place in order to evaluate if it meets our quality standards; likewise, all the pictures are exclusively taken by us in order to portrait the “experience” that each place has to offer. In order to help you chose the one that most suits you, we have divided our reviews into four categories: Design, RusticLuxury and Unusual.

The Veneto Region

Veneto counts some of the most magic attractions in Italy, such as Venice and its lagoon, the many medieval art cities (Asolo, Bassano, Cittadella, Padua, Treviso, Vicenza…), Verona and the Garda lake, the Dolomites mountains as well as the popular Prosecco wine hills.

Follow us…and we promise you that the Veneto region will manage to surprise you in many “secret” ways.

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