The secrets of Carlotta’s Perfumery in Verona

Perhaps the most beautiful historical perfumery in Italy, opened over 50 years ago by Mrs. Carlotta, a true pioneer of the high-end niche perfume market, an expertise that has earned her great fame and a loyal clientele from all over Italy.

A tradition continued today by the current owners, Giorgia and Marco, who have embraced a very specific philosophy: to offer pure and “clean” cosmeceutical products in their boutique, ie containing only active principles that the skin needs, without any ingredient considered toxic or polluting, preferably of biological and natural origin.
A real mecca for perfumes and “clean beauty” lovers where to find cult brands, sold exclusively here for the entire province of Verona, such as Creed, Frederic Malle, Diptyque, Byredo, L’Artisan Parfumeur, Montale, Mancera, Heeley, Penhaligon’s among the essences, and Bakel, Susanne Kaufmann, St. Barth, Laouta, Compagnie de Provence, Fragrart among the skincare proposals.

Profumeria Carlotta - Veneto Secrets

In the shop, the owners with the help of their collaborators will not only give you expert advice but also tell you wonderful stories of legendary master perfumers and dream essences. Like the ones of the Australian designer Naomi Goodsir, made and packaged by hand on the French Riviera, near Grasse, which have become famous for their original scents of leather, or the essences of Stéphane Humbert Lucas, painter and poet who creates extraordinary perfumes by moving every time in different exotic locations just to find the precious pure essences able to evoke the magical sensations of those places.
To guide customers in choosing the perfect perfume, Carlotta’s offers, upon reservation for small groups of 3/4 people, guided olfactory itineraries to discover the world of raw materials that are the basis of the essences. A journey that will lead you to choose the ones that best suit you and to try the best fragrances in the world that contain them.

Carlotta’s is also a must for lovers of design and fashion thanks to eclectic and original interiors designed personally by the owners and the possibility of purchasing iconic accessories such as candles by Fornasetti and jewelry by Ugo Cacciatori, the highest expression of Italian craftsmanship.
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Useful Info

Carlotta’s Perfumery
Via Portici 5
37121 Verona
Tel. +39 045 8003404

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