Veneto Hidden Corners: Castello’s clothesline

For the weekly column “Veneto Hidden Corners”, the photographer Giovanni Vecchiato gives us exclusively for VS a shot dedicated to the top hidden beauties of Veneto.

This week’s shot is dedicated to Venice. In the city of water there is only one square: Piazza San Marco, and only one street: Via Garibaldi, located in the Sestiere di Castello, the most popular and genuine district of Venice.
It is not difficult, walking through it, to notice laundry hanging on a clothesline between buildings. On sunny, windy days, the clothes come like alive enriching these magical places with a wonder that can only be admired here, by pleasantly getting lost in the most beautiful city in the world.

A deep passion for reportage, Giovanni Vecchiato has worked as a portrait photographer in the entertainment industry in London where he recently set up the “View my eye” exhibition, documenting the most suggestive places in Italy through the art of aerial photography, work also published by the National Geographic.

#VenetoSecrets #VenetoHiddenCorners Ph. Giovanni Vecchiato

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