Veneto Hidden Corners: the Venice’s flamingos

Veneto Secrets unveils the new column “Veneto Hidden Corners”. Every week, the photographer Giovanni Vecchiato will give us exclusively for VS a shot dedicated to the top hidden beauties of Veneto.

Today’s shot is dedicated to a unique phenomenon held in the magical Venice Lagoon, where an estimated 10,000 flamingos live.
Occasionally they can be seen near the houses of Treporti overlooking the Lagoon, but the main communities live in remote areas that are difficult to access, away from roads and paths, or, within private fishing valleys.
They are sedentary: they can, therefore, be found all year round, even if the best period is the end of winter when the still low grass allows you to approach them walking on sandbanks.

A deep passion for reportage, Giovanni Vecchiato has worked as a portrait photographer in the entertainment industry in London where he recently set up the “View my eye” exhibition, documenting the most suggestive places in Italy through the art of aerial photography, work also published by the National Geographic.

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