Veneto Hidden Corners: the lavender field of Ca’ Mello

For the weekly column “Veneto Hidden Corners”, the photographer Giovanni Vecchiato gives us exclusively for VS a shot dedicated to the top hidden beauties of Veneto.

This is Enrico while having a sandwich in his lavender field located in the Ca’ Mello Oasis, along the Sacca degli Scardovari in the Veneto Regional Park of the Po Delta. The beauty of his field at this time of the year has just attracted visitors from all over Italy, grabbing the attention of both newspapers and televisions. Bravo Enrico!

“A deep passion for reportage, Giovanni Vecchiato has worked as a portrait photographer in the entertainment industry in London where he recently set up the “View my eye” exhibition, documenting the most suggestive places in Italy through the art of aerial photography, work also published by the National Geographic”.

#VenetoSecrets #VenetoHiddenCorners Ph. Giovanni Vecchiato

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