Museo Correr Café and Princess Sissi

Located at the first floor of the Royal Palace of Venice, the Correr Museum Café is the perfect place to live the authentic atmosphere of the rooms that hosted, among others, Princess Sissi, the Empress of Austria, to whom the Correr Museum has dedicated a special itinerary. With its beautiful furnishings inspired to the Empire style, rich in decorations and frescoes, the cafeteria open to the public is perfect for a Sunday brunch or a stop before or after the visit to the magnificent Museum, perhaps booking the table with a view on Saint Mark’s Square!

Born from the legacy of Teodoro Correr, a Venetian nobleman with a deep passion for art and collecting, the Correr Museum is one of the most fascinating spot of Venice. The Napoleonic Wing, where the entrance to the Museum is located, houses the entire complex of the Royal Palace restored in the second half of the Nineteenth century and decorated according to the Empire style. The famous French decorators Percier and Fontaine helped to create rooms in full Biedermeier style, then very fashionable in the European courts. Beautifully restored, the Sissi Apartment includes nine rooms, from private rooms to those reserved for official meetings. The fairy-tale Ballroom introduces to the neoclassical rooms and the Canovian collection of sculptures and sketches. The area of the Procuratie Nuove, hosting a collection of masterpieces of Venetian art, is dedicated to the story of Venetian Civilization, such as the reconstruction of the ancient San Vidal Library with its extremely rare manuscripts, and the rich numismatic collection, a real treat for fans.

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