Palazzo Minucci De Carlo, the mysterious residence of the flying spy

Palace Minucci De Carlo is a stunning 16th-century residence, former home to of one the most famous Italian spies, so-called “the flying spy”, that contains countless treasures and many mysteries. As the renowned Vittoriale of Gabriele D’Annunzio, the palace is a stunning example of historic residence remained completely untouched in its original disposition of furnishing and precious details, as per will of the owner. Built at the end of the Sixteenth century by the diplomat Minuccio Minucci, the Palace is located in Serravalle, a few kilometers from Vittorio Veneto. Among these walls lived Giacomo Camillo De Carlo, the first Italian 007, cavalry officer, pilot, highly decorated military hero and eclectic collector of works of art and memorabilia.  His legacy includes a truly heterogeneous and unique heritage of furniture and objects, precious stones, works of art and tapestries, arranged in an original and imaginative way by De Carlo himself. Here is also the most important collection of Chinese Jades and Ambers in the world!

Born in Venice at the end of the Nineteenth century, Giacomo Camillo De Carlo lived a truly adventurous life, to say the least, dedicated to his diplomatic and military career. De Carlo was one of the creators a secret intelligence department active during the two World Wars named “Giovane Italia”. His valor and his courage earned him the nickname “the flying spy” and the Gold Medal of Military Valor achieved in 1923. During his expeditions, especially between North Africa and the Far East, De Carlo collected many artifacts and original objects that became part of the rich furnishings of the Palace, creating a charming atmosphere and witnessing the aesthetic of that period. Like every ancient place, Palazzo Minucci De Carlo preserves its mysteries and its ghosts. Among the many, the legend of the Serravalle ghost living these timeless rooms stands out. An old mirror, kept in the secrets agent’s sister room, reflects a female face, captured by a visitor’s camera just a few years ago while all the other rooms are weekly embellished by the guardians with fresh lavender flowers as De Carlo requested them through a medium…

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Useful Info

Palazzo Minucci De Carlo
via Martiri della Libertà 35
31029 Vittorio Veneto, Treviso
+39 0438 57193

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