The most beautiful design wineries in Veneto, between tastings and sustainability

In dialogue with the magnificent surrounding landscapes, these author’s wineries become places to live a sensorial experience that satisfies all the senses. Revealing architectural masterpieces that, through shapes and materials, celebrate unique stories, products, and territories of exquisite excellence.

Located a few kilometers from Treviso, Cantina Pizzolato is one of the most beautiful and sustainable wineries built in Italy. A name that, since the ’80s, has become a reference point for the world of organic wine. Environmental care, zero-impact production, protection of the landscape are the corporate values ​​translated by MADE architects into an architectural project that combines past and future. On request, it is possible to organize bike tours around the vineyards that end up with a delicious wine tasting.

In the hills near Bassano, Contrà Soarda is a natural food & wine paradise in which the man’s work blends in harmoniously with a breathtaking view. The wine cellar, built inside the hill, and the restaurant were designed according to the principles of bio-architecture and inspired, in the first place, by the respect for the natural beauty of the place. During the summer, you can enjoy an aperitif or have a tasting of their natural wines on the terrace overlooking the valley and the farm.

Near Verona, in the very heart of the Valpolicella area, Zýmē is a very special winery. The name comes from Greek and it means “yeast”; an indispensable element in the world of enology, yet also a symbol of naturalness, a fundamental value in the company’s philosophy. Sustainability and innovation are the inspiration sources for an architectural project that begun in 1999 with the recovery of an ancient sandstone quarry, nowadays home to the barrel cellar. The new cellar exemplifies a synthesis between nature and the hand of man, enjoying a dynamic relationship with the area in which it is placed. The winery offers traditional wines, such as amazing Valpolicella and Amarone as well as innovative proposals, both white and red.

Cantina Pizzolato

Vignaioli Contrà Soarda

Cantina Zýmē

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