The Vatican Chapels and the Soundtaste Experience at San Giorgio

What happened when architecture, music, and cuisine get together in one of the most beautiful islands of Venice? The result is an unforgettable multi-sensory experience, an emotional journey that begins in the forest of the Giorgio Cini Foundation, located in the San Giorgio Maggiore Island overlooking the San Marco Square, an ideal place for contemplating the beauty of the arts.

The forest hides ten chapels (plus one, dedicated to the exhibition space) designed by famous archi-stars for the 16th Biennale of Architecture, on the occasion of the first participation of the Holy See to this important international event. Each of the ten architects designed an artwork unique for style and materials, shaping their own vision of spirituality, inspired by the emblematic chapel designed by Gunnar Asplund in Stockholm in 1920. As a result, the Foundation’s forest has become like a permanent Biennale’s pavilion, full of inspiration, where getting lost to find yourself, between architecture, nature, and mysticism.
Open to the public since June 2020, the visit of the Vatican Chapels has been recently made “immersive” thanks to the magic sound of eleven evocative soundtracks, one for each installation, composed by Antonio Fresa, award-winning author of music both for cinema and television. Thanks to an innovative audio guide, the walk throughout the installations has become a multi-sensory tour thanks to the visionary project of Ilaria D’Uva, the Florentine entrepreneur that manages both the guided visits on the island and the fab San Giorgio Cafè.
Just to make a few examples, the Norman Foster chapel will welcome you with delicate flutes blowing, symbolizing wind going thought the structure; whilst deep notes will immerse you in the Carla Juacaba structure creating a game of refraction, in a continuous harmony between music, architecture, and landscape.

Vatican Chapels - Veneto Secrets

The journey will culminate at the San Giorgio Cafè, the unique bistro on the island, offering an exquisite menu inspired to the Chapels’ soundtracks…giving life to a real “sound taste experience”! The cuisine collects with creativity the emotions given by both architecture and music, offering delicious combinations of food, wine, and cocktails. Inspired by the song Hope in G major for the Terunobu Fujimori architecture, you will be served an appetizer of scallops with hazelnut butter and red turnip foam, as for the work of Eduardo Souto De Moura and the sounds of the song Motion you will taste the fresh local fish Ombrina; to end with delicious Sicilian cannoli inspired to the Smiliajan Radic chapel.
The Vatican Chapels’ tour is definitely a refined and sophisticated journey, which starts from an enchanted forest to ends with the charming notes of the composer Fresa, enjoying dinner with the fab view of the San Marco Square and the Venice lagoon.

Edited by Valentina Scarpa Bandelloni

Useful info

Info for visiting the Vatican Chapels:

Fondazione Cini Onlus
San Giorgio Maggiore Island
30133, Venice

For details on the Soundtaste Experience:

San Giorgio Cafè
San Giorgio Maggiore Island, 3
30124 Venice

The soundtracks are available at the following link “Vatican Chapels: a sountrack experience“.

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