Cantina Borgoluce (TV)

Enclosed among beautiful vineyards and olive groves, Cantina Borgoluce is a design winery, the latest addition to the Borgoluce world, a brand that in Italy has become a solid reference in terms of sustainability as well as superb local production. The property, in fact, includes also two country houses with a swimming pool, the charming restaurant Osteria and the Frasca, a cool rustic eatery where the fresh products of the farm are served. Owned by the noble Collalto family, the company produces wine, cheeses and cured meats, honey, fine flours, walnuts, chestnuts and pomegranates, which can be purchased in the adjacent shop.

Cantina Borgoluce - Veneto Secrets

The architecture of the Winery is innovative, yet very protective of the natural landscape, with the production area built underground in order to protect the harmony of the building with the surrounding nature. The coup de théâtre is undoubtedly the panoramic tasting room on the ground floor with a stunning view of the hills and the two ancient Castles that dominates the area. The Cellar menu includes buffalo roast-beef with ricotta flakes, soft egg with cheese fondue and porcini mushrooms, but also the very traditional bread with “sopressa” (traditional cured meat) or the delicious fried mozzarella cheese sandwich.

Useful Info

Where: in the famous Prosecco Hills a few km from Treviso
When: open from 10 to 22
Why: to enjoy a great wine tasting surrounded by the charming beauty of the countryside
How: book a wine tasting including the visit to the Estate in order to discover how the Prosecco wine is traditionally produced, and do not miss to taste it paired with the lovely fresh products of the Borgoluce farm.

Cantina Borgoluce
Località Musile, 2
31058 Susegana, Treviso
+39 0438 435287

Cold cuts and cheeses: 5 / 9.50 euro
Main courses: 9 – 15 euro
Desserts: 3 – 7 euro

Tasting of Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG (4 labels): 5 euro
Tasting of other wines (3 labels): 4.50 euro

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