Cardus (TV)

Located next to the Serravalle old Gate, right in front of the Vittorio Veneto ancient customs, Cardus is a restaurant where botanical research and gourmet cuisine go hand in hand. With a simple and elegant interior décor, which highlights the beauty of the fourteenth-century walls, the restaurant offers many interesting details mostly designed by Paolo itself. Each dish is a surprise of tastes and colors, a tribute to seasonality expressed in the use of spontaneous plants and flowers, personally collected by Paolo in the hills around.

The menu, which is rather defined as a “journey”, changes according to the availability of the raw materials or the catch of the day, that inspire the creation of new dishes or traditional recipes revisited in a contemporary way. The wine list includes almost 200 references mainly natural and biodynamic. Even their cocktails and short drinks are prepared using home-made syrups and natural extracts prepared by the Chef! Thanks to its delightful and relaxing secret garden, Cardus is also perfect for an aperitif or an after-dinner with friends among wooden benches and soft cushions.

Useful Info

Where: located near the ancient customs of Vittorio Veneto, next to the Serravalle old gate
When: lunch, dinner and for special drinks
Why: fab food recipes prepared using only seasonal and local products, flowers and plants picked up by the Chef himself!
How: try the tasting menus and let you guide by Paolo’s unique passion
via Roma, 34
31029 Vittorio Veneto (TV)
+39 0438 944014

Tasting Menus: 39/55 euro

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