Colonnetta (TV)

Close to the ancient fish market in the heart of Treviso, the historical Colonnetta is a unique format in Veneto. Offering a bubbly international flavor, you can enjoy gourmet baked potatoes to be combined with a good selection of natural wines.

The interior design is inspired by a deco style underlined by natural colors, elegant wallpapers, and vintage furnishing. The welcoming and classy atmosphere is further emphasized by the many beautiful plants selected by Michele, the owner, and his wife Alessandra, both “boho botanical” lovers.

For its special gourmet potatoes, Colonnetta employs only ingredients produced by small artisans to give life to ten special recipes, including vegetarian-friendly alternatives.
Wine-wise, young and talented sommelier Matteo Morando chooses a totally natural approach: the result is an excellent wine list that includes a selection of “orange wines” produced mainly in Italy, Slovenia and in some French vineyards.
Booking is more than recommended, especially during the weekend, maybe reserving the romantic corner table by the window.

The secret

Baked potatoes, also called “jacket potatoes”, probably referring to cooking them with the peel, are a recipe that has its roots in history. In fact, it seems that in London in the early twentieth century more than 10 tons of baked potatoes were sold per day. A song has even been dedicated to the famous potatoes: Great big baked potato by N.R. Streeter and H. Cladwell.

Useful Info

Via Palestro 2
31100 Treviso
+39 338 1270826

Gourmet Potatoes: 9 – 12 euros 
Spunciotti/Appetizers: 4 – 12 euros
Salads: 8 – 9 euros

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