Estro (VE)

Estro is a bistro & wine store that combines the atmosphere of a traditional Venetian “bacaro” (wine-bar) with the allure of a design restaurant. Located in the Frari area, it offers a very good value for money gourmet cuisine to be paired with over 700 labels of natural&organic wine. Everything inside is “design”: from the tables made out of “bricole” (wooden posts on which Venice is built) to the bar covered with reclaimed shutters coming from the Grand Canal palaces, from the custom lights made by famous Murano’s glass-makers to the branded glasses by Elia Toffolo.

Useful Info
Where: Venice, near Frari
: any time of the day, from 11am till late
Why: a gourmet cuisine with a great natural wine list that perfectly matches tradition with a contemporary hype
How: book a table and enjoy a glass of good local wine with gourmet “cicchetti”, the traditional Venetian appetizers
Dorsoduro 3778
30123 Venezia
+39 041 4764914

Premium Hamburgers: 16 euro
Main courses: 10 – 22 euro
Tasting Menu: from 33 euro

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