La Ghiacciaia (TV)

Located among the lush vineyards that give life to the Prosecco wine, La Ghiacciaia is one of the most unique places in Veneto: just like in an adventure book, you access the restaurant through a mysterious cave, now become a real door of wonders. The story begins with a strange hill in the middle of the vineyards that, according to local legends, hid a storage cave closed for security reasons after the Second World War. Literally digging deeper, dozens of meters below ground, an ancient concrete bunker as well as many rooms emerged from the old stones. After researching the local history, it appears that they were built at the end of the 17th century to serve as an icehouse for the Palladian Villa Pola Neville, gone completely destroyed during the First World War.

La Ghiacciaia - Veneto Secrets

The new owner of the vineyards felt in love with this place and decided to recover the subsoil and the vineyards. Now La Ghiacciaia has become a beautiful design restaurant with an amazing cocktail bar.
The architectural intervention, which lasted about a year, turned the storage cells into restaurant halls and the icehouse into an elegant bistro lit by a cool underground winter garden. Outside, a déhor serves perfectly for al fresco lunches or dinners, perhaps to be paired with the excellent wine produced here or a well-made cocktail. Alternatively, you can go for the panoramic terrace with six semi-private spaces overlooking the vineyards, just the perfect hideaway to enjoy the tranquility of the magnificent surrounding countryside.

Useful Info

Where: in the middle of the Prosecco vineyards, along the river Piave
: lunch, dinner or just an apéritif
Why: to eat excellent fish dishes in a unique place, where history and design creates a truly unmissable experience
How: taste a cocktail chilling out in the vineyards and then take a seat and enjoy a great dinner!
Via Montello 27/d
31040 Covolo di Pederobba, Treviso
tel: +39 0423 64085

Starters: 18 – 35 euro
First courses: 18 – 20 euro
Second courses: 20 – 50 euro
Tasting menu: 80 euro (wine excluded)

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