La Paterna (TV)

The restaurant is located in an old farmhouse recently restored at the foot of the Montello hills, along one of those routes built by the Serenissima Republic of Venice back in the 15th century in order to control the valuable timber trade, vital for its maritime power, generated by the nearby forests. Since 2008, Giovanni Merlo, the Chef, has been delighting his guests with a creative cuisine focused on the concreteness of its delicious hand-made dishes that take inspiration from the best traditional recipes handed down by his beloved grandmas.
La Paterna is one of the few gourmet restaurants in Veneto where you can taste superb game and meat dishes revisited with modern cooking techniques and flavour combinations, such as the tartare sandwich or the calf’s liver with salt and pepper. Fresh fish is also available upon seasonality.
Among the restaurant’s famous specialities also the award-winning Panettone, the most traditional Italian dessert of the Christmas season.

Useful Info

Where: Giavera del Montello, the hills near Treviso
When: lunch or dinner
amazingly tasty meat and home-cooked traditional dishes with a creative twist. Everything is naturally self-produced and home-made from scratch
How: in winter enjoy the cozy room by the kitchen, in summer book a table in the garden. 
Agriturismo La Paterna
Via Annibale Carretta, 34
31040 Giavera del Montello, Treviso
+39 0422 882491

Entrées: 10 – 14 euros
First courses: 11 – 19 euros
Second courses: 
23 – 28 euros

The Ace of Aces and the English Cemetery

A few minutes drive from the restaurant, there are two unmissable milestones of the Italian history absolutely worth a visit: the monument to Francesco Baracca, the legendary Ace of Aces of the Italian Air Force and national hero of World War I, whose emblem, a prancing horse, gave birth to the famous Ferrari logo, and the romantic English Cemetery, an oasis of peace and silence with a past worth of being “remembered”.

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