Malvasia (TV)

Located in one of the most romantic and Instagram-friendly corners of Treviso, near the central Piazza dei Signori, the Resto-brunch Malvasia is a work of art where you can enjoy a gourmet brunch or an aperitif. The restaurant, which takes its name from the bridge on which it’s located, is the result of the creative genius of Silvio Stefani, the talented designer of the charming Rosa Rosae restaurant&inn, and the works of the street artist Tony Gallo (see here the amazing video of the making of the giant murals).


As soon as you step into Malvasia you enter a fantastic world, where natural elements blend into design furnishings. A visionary and poetic interior design project, made of unusual details, such as the counter made with real tree trunks that outlines the boundary between the service area and the hall. The lighting is entrusted to dozens of white candles scattered in every corner of the room that give an enchanted touch to the environment. The general mood is played on contrasts between polished brass surfaces, wooden tables and the works of Gallo that cover all the walls and floor, transporting the imagination into a fairytale forest populated by silent creatures. Booking is recommended.

Useful Info

Where: Treviso, in one of the most romantic and Instagram-friendly corner of the city center
When: lunch or aperitif; the restaurant closes at 9pm
Why: fairytale atmosphere, international menù
How: book the panoramic table on the mezzanine, more private and panoramic.

Risto-brunch Malvasia
Vicolo Trevisi 29
31100 Treviso
+39 347 8741443

Main courses: 5 – 8 €

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