Osteria San Marco (VE)

Four Venetian friends with a passion for travelling and an old trattoria from the ’40s. With these premises, in 2002 Carlo, Fabio, Luca and Massimo gave birth to a cool wine restaurant with an international flair and sophisticated interior design.
The cuisine is international, in the most typically Venetian way. With its rich trade routes, Venice was, in fact, the first Western metropolis offering a “cosmopolitan” cuisine made of a solid base of local ingredients mixed with the best products and spices from other countries. This is what Osteria San Marco is about: always pushing for quality and unique, never predictable, flavors.

Useful Info

Where: near San Marco Square
When: lunch or dinner
Why: great quality food in a sleek, international environment
How: try the homemade pasta made with the organic flour of the Val D’Orcia Mill in Tuscany and ask the staff for the other top culinary specialities carefully and personally selected by the owners

Osteria San Marco
Frezzeria, San Marco 1610
30124 Venezia
+39 041 5285242

First Courses: 16 – 37 euro
Second Courses: 25 – 36 euro

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