Villa 61 Maison de Campagne (BL)

Villa 61 is the result of a magical alchemy between the bucolic countryside at the foot of the Dolomites mountains, UNESCO world heritage, and a French lady with a passion for interior design, cooking and the art of true hospitality. In the little Limana, famous for being the town of honey, in 2011 Eleonore and Massimo, after two years of research, found the perfect place to create their Maison de Campagne: a 19th century stone farmhouse with a wonderful 180° view on the most famous northern Italian Alps, a romantic flower garden and, all around, the peace of the most generous Veneto countryside. Every original detail of the interior décor is the fruit of a careful research among flea markets and antique shops. Moreover, the original farmhouse has been restored using sustainable materials and solutions to ensure a truly and unique wellness experience to the Villa’s guests. This is undoubtedly the perfect place to discover the beauties hidden in this area, following Eleonore’s tips, after a home-made breakfast that will literally enchant you…

Useful Info

Villa 61 Maison de Campagne
Where: Limana, a small town in the Belluno countryside, close to both the Prosecco hills and the famous Cortina, the “Pearl of the Dolomites”
When: any time of the year
Why: amazing rustic chic home decor, cosy family atmosphere and lavish home-cooked breakfast
How: book a room and ask for the sweet&savory brunch to to enjoy the very best of the Dolomites products: organic homemade honey, yogurt, granola, jams, bread, cakes…in the company of roe deers and little squirrels.
via Villa 61
32020 Limana, Belluno
+39 331 3124665

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