Corte Realdi Suites (VR)

Corte Realdi is a way of experiencing the City of Love by staying in beautiful suites and having breakfast on the most romantic balconies in the world, just inside the top iconic buildings of Verona. Three the residences: Palazzo Negri, a 17th century noble residence a few steps from Porta dei Borsari, Case Mazzanti overlooking Piazza delle Erbe, symbol of the Scaliger city, and Palazzina Monachine, a former 14th-century convent, a few meters from the main shopping high street.

A new concept of hospitality that Corte Realdi extends to every aspect of the stay: from the check-in done directly in the room by the hotel staff who personally meets each guest on arrival, to the breakfast served in the room, or consumable in the bar below the property in the case of the apartments, with the possibility of upgrading to have it cooked ad hoc, up to a discreet and very attentive concierge service available 24/7.

The interior of each room, which refers to the concept of rough luxury, is designed to bring the traveler back to the 16th-century splendor with a contemporary appeal: the original architectural elements, deliberately restored leaving some of the details “unfinished”, mix with design furnishings that reinterpret the same styles with a modern mood, giving life to a sumptuous, yet pop set at the same time.
Among the most beautiful apartments (with kitchen and living room), the Rosa and Mastino suites, located inside Case Mazzanti, one of the oldest buildings in the historic UNESCO heritage city center, allow you to wake up and have breakfast on the magnificent private terrace overlooking Piazza delle Erbe, characterized by the famous frescoes by Alberto Cavalli and by the even more famous and iconic green railing balconies.
If you prefer a room, inside Palazzo Negri, designed by the architect Giannantonio Selva, famous for the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice, we recommend the King Luisa Suite, located inside what was once the reception room of the noble Palazzo Negri, that boasts a private balcony on via Borsari and a sexy vintage bathtub positioned in front of the giant bed.

In addition to Verona, you can also find the Corte Realdi concept in Garda, on the Garda Lake, in Turin and Venice, with the idea of ​​opening soon in other cities.

Useful Info

Where: old center of Verona.
When: any time, for a fab gateway in the City of Love.
Why: Corte Realdi allows you to experience the most iconic and true spirit of Verona, with maximum comfort and privacy, eliminating any temporal and physical barrier between your hotel room and the city itself, giving life to an unforgettable experience.
How: book one of the Corte Realdi Suites in Piazza Erbe or one of the rooms located inside Palazzo Negri. Just choose your one on
Vicolo S. Matteo 2
37121 Verona
+39 045 594015

Rooms starting from about 200 euro 

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