Glam, Palazzo Venart (VE)

Opened in September 2016, Palazzo Venart is the latest “secret” additions to the dreamy 5-star residences overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice. The small boutique hotel, housed in a lavish sixteenth-century building, was just recently purchased and then finely restored by Taiwanese LDC Group, a leading company within the luxury hospitality business.
The Hotel includes Glam, the new gourmet restaurant by Michelin-starred chef Enrico Bartolini where you can taste his delicious signature dishes in an elegant, yet relaxed atmosphere.

Useful Info

Where: on the Grand Canal, in the Santa Croce district
When: lunch or dinner
Why: to try the gourmet cuisine of famous chef Enrico Bartolini, 5 Michelin stars for 4 different restaurants!
How: in summer, enjoy the generous tasting menu in the garden facing the Grand Canal, in winter enjoy lunch in the cosy orangerie

Glam, Palazzo Venart
S. Croce, 1961
30135 Venezia
+39 041 5233784

Tasting Menu: from 90 euro
First Courses: 25 – 35
Second Courses: 30 – 40

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