Hotel Mioni Pezzato & SPA (PD)

Undisputed milestone of the luxury thermal hôtellerie sector for over a century, the Mioni Pezzato hotel in Abano Terme is the ideal place to regenerate both body and mind thanks to its hyperthermal water, unique in the world. ​​Abano Terme, at the foot of the Euganean Hills, is, in fact, the largest thermal area in Europe, famous since ancient times for its regenerating properties: the “Salus Per Aquam”, from which it was born the acronym SPA. Just think that Pliny and Titus Livy praised in their writings the beneficial properties of these waters, making them famous throughout the Roman Empire.

The journey of these thermal waters starts from the Venetian pre-Alps and, after having crossed the subsoil for decades, they get enriched with rare and precious mineral salts. The hotel extracts these magical waters by itself through a series of wells, several hundred meters deep, allowing the hot water to reach the surface so that its guests can enjoy its regenerating power in an exclusive way.

Hotel Mioni Pezzato & SPA - Veneto Secrets

A paradise, where the privacy of its guests is a fundamental value, located in a wonderful garden where you can let yourself go and relax immersed in more than 1340 square meters of swimming pools with bromide-iodine saltwater at a different temperature: hot, tepid and fresh. The Thermal Garden is a wide oasis of peace consisting of 6 swimming pools and 15 bathtubs with 100 jacuzzi stations, all with different characteristics in order to meet each guest’s needs, from wellness to medical rehabilitation. Suggestive and scenic, one-of-a-kind as designed in detail by the owner of the hotel, is the “I Ruscelli dell’Orto” swimming pool, consisting of a path of 8 thermal baths at different temperatures, surrounded by aromatic and medicinal plants, which ends with a romantic fireplace, theater of Hollywoodian grand rendez-vous.

The gem of the resort is the SPA “Tea Rose” which welcomes guests with soft lighting and delicate scents. You can choose from over 60 face and body treatments, including holistic, therapeutic, and purifying massages, performed by highly qualified and continuously trained staff. The highlight of the products used, all completely natural, is the cosmetic line H2O Thermal Cosmetics that is developed by the hotel itself and contains the local precious thermal water as well as phytotherapeutic active ingredients.

Hotel Mioni Pezzato & SPA - Veneto Secrets

In this wellness paradise, the cuisine is also devoted to both the beauty and the wellbeing of the guests. But not at the expense of taste, thanks to the top-quality local products and the latest cooking techniques used by the chefs of the hotel. You can choose between the 1915 Restaurant, the Pool-Bar & Grill, to relax al fresco surrounded by beautiful roses, or La Pausa bistro just perfect for a snack. For a treat, go for a cocktail at the GIGI’s bar, a tribute to Mr. Luigi “Gigi” Mioni that evokes his great passion for art. More than 100 years after its foundation, the hotel is, in fact, still managed by the Mioni family who, combining the traditional culture of Italian hospitality with an extraordinary ability to pursue research and innovation, continues to treat its guests with incredible care for detail and very high service standards.

The hotel is the ideal base for visiting the wonderful places of art and culture in the area, all a few km from the hotel, such as Villa dei Vescovi, the Catajo Castle or the Praglia Abbey.

The Secret

The uniqueness of the biothermal clay of the Mioni Pezzato mud consists in the exclusive use of 100% natural mud from Lake Della Costa in the Euganean Hills and in a secret protocol of maturation in hyperthermal water. The clay, thanks to the right temperature, the correct exposure to light and a patient wait, acquires truly unique benefiting properties: it loosens muscle contractures, improves joint function, and boasts natural anti-inflammatory properties that invigorates and detoxifies the body, lowering the tension and removing stress.

Useful Info

Hotel Mioni Pezzato e SPA
Via Marzia 34
35031 Abano Terme, Padova
+39 049 866 8377

Rooms starting from about 350 euros per two nights.
Daily entrance to the Spa: 48 euros during the week, 58 at the weekend
(prices are subject to seasonal promotions).

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