MET Restaurant & Rose Room (VE)

The Metropole Hotel embodies more than any other place in Venice its charming history made of mysterious legends, merchants, saints, adventurers and many precious treasures. Suggestions preserved in this magical palace where, among antiques, brocades and incense fragrances, you will feel like in a fairy tale.

The MET Restaurant & Rose Room di Raptus & Rose is born from the encounter between the hotel owner, Gloria Beggiato, a person of rare artistic sensibility, and Silvia Bisconti creative soul of fashion brand Raptus & Rose (who created the Maliparmi style just to say). A boho-chic paradise made of flavors, scents and colors where every detail is studied with manic care and sartorial art.
Fashion and Design, East and West blend into a beautiful escalation, a crescendo exemplified by the palette of colors ranging from grey to pink, to fuchsia in the Rose Room. A true novelty at the Metropole, the Rose Room by Raptus & Rose is a journey to the Orient where the precious silk hand-made fabrics and brocades were personally selected by Silvia Bisconti during her trips to India. Two niches in the wall hosts scenic sculpture by Raptus & Rose that are adorned with elegant African paper fabric hats and vintage earrings.
The Rose Room offers a special menu designed to enjoy cocktails followed by a light dinner, also perfect for a late aperitif. Its light cuisine is inspired by nature and characterized by colorful decorations: leaves, flowers and berries.

The cuisine of the restaurant is inspired by seasonal Venetian flavors with particular attention to the excellence of the raw material. Among the proposals: spaghetti alla chitarra with herbs, caviar and smoke; roast piglet with potatoes, herbs and aromatic emulsion of green apple and spicy mustard, but also an excellent vegetarian menu that plays with spicy flavors.
In the two rooms, every detail is a work of art: from kimonos used as paintings and abatjours, creations of Raptus & Rose, to the Seguso glass lights hand-blown in Murano, from the reclaimed wooden table made with the Lagoon’s mooring posts to the brass handles and decorations hand-made by Fonderia Valese. The walls are painted with floral decorations inspired by the Garden of Eden by two Murano artists, Gina Schiavon and Paolo Lunetta.
The liaison between food and fashion is renowned at every change of menu, when the Raptus & Rose Pop Up Store is set up at the Suite of the Angels at the Metropole, an unmissable appointment for the fashionistas.
(P.S. The Raptus & Rose Atelier is in Belluno … and yes, it’s definitely worth a trip)

Useful Info

Where: Riva degli Schiavoni, in Venice
When: from Tuesday to Sunday 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm; Saturday and Sunday also 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm
Why: amazing creative cuisine in the most eccentric hotel-museum in Venice
How: enjoy a Vivaldi Martini cocktail at the Oriental Bar and then indulge yourself on cocktails and small tastings in the Rose Room

MET Restaurant & Rose Room di Raptus & Rose
Riva degli Schiavoni 4149
30122 Venezia
+39 041 5240034

MET Restaurant
Tasting Menu: from 180 euro

Entrées: 36 – 44 euro
First courses: 40 – 50 euro
Second Courses: 42 – 50 euro

Rose Room di Raptus & Rose
Cocktails: 16 euro
Dishes: 25 euro

MET Restaurant & Rose Room

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