Pool Bar Rosmarino (TV)

The Hotel Villa Cipriani, which houses the exclusive Rosmarino Pool Bar, is one of the most charming locations of the Asolo hills. Ancient noble country residence, the five-star hotel is an oasis of timeless peace, surrounded by scents and colors. The Rosmarino Pool Bar combines a sober and elegant atmosphere with an outstanding service. Housed in a wooden building, the Pool Bar stands on a romantic terrace overlooking the panoramic pool. Here excellence is at home and every detail is studied with care and attention, combining a five-star service with a more informal format, if compared to the internal restaurant.


Chef Mauro Poggio proposes a mixed menu with some dishes from the upper restaurant, such as the filet carpaccio or the Cipriani spaghetti, alongside fresher and lighter choices suitable for the location, like salads, crunchy sandwiches or delicious mini- burger. There’s a maximum attention to freshness and quality, and practically everything is cooked and baked in the kitchen of the Villa, from bread to certain types of pasta. A large choice of cocktails is available, like the Bellini, a workhorse, or the Rosmarino cocktail, a fragrant light drink. The Pool Bar is definitively a magical place, perfect to chill out in the luxury of an absolute quiet, where senses are naturally stimulated by a magnificent nature embellishing every corner. Thanks to Mr. Bernardo, historic gardener of the Villa, every season here offers its best: from the blooms of May roses, to tulips in April, to the unforgettable fragrance of the old ‘olea fragrans’ tree, planted in the same year of the hotel’s first opening, and much loved by Catherine Deneuve.


Useful Info

Where: Asolo, in the middle of the Veneto hills
When: from Monday to Friday: 11am to 7pm; Saturday and Sunday: from 11am to 9pm
Why: stunning location with one of the most beautiful panoramic view on the hills
How: enjoy a Rosmarino cocktail made with fresh orange juice after a soothing bath in the pool (daily room reservation is requested)

Pool Bar Rosmarino
Hotel Villa Cipriani, Via Canova 298
31011 Asolo, Treviso
Tel. +39 0423 523411

Main courses € 12 – 22
Desserts € 10

Cocktails  € 6-10

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