The Merchant of Venice (VE)

The pleasure of entering the world of the luxury brand The Merchant of Venice is a unique experience of sensations, old memories and sublime beauty. The Venetian perfume tradition was born thanks to a Byzantine princess, married to one the Doge’s brothers, who brought over with her to the lagoon the oriental fragrances that she used to wear. The princess habit immediately became a trend among the Venetian noblewomen who began to use the purest essences to enhance their femininity. From here in the sixteenth century the local perfume tradition took off, making Venice a stronghold of this art. The concept of The Merchant of Venice has its roots in this treasure of knowledge, becoming the world ambassador of a fascinating excellence excellance. The locations of the two Venetian boutiques, an ancient eighteenth-century spice shop in Santa Fosca and a seventeenth-century pharmacy in Campo San Fantin, just speak for themselves.

The creations of The Merchant of Venice are masterpieces of luxury design that, in precise graphic and packaging choices, reflect the richness of Venetian aesthetics with collections inspired by Murano, La Fenice theater as well as the most iconic symbols of the most beautiful city in the world. The soul of The Merchant of Venice is definitely linked to artistic patronage, a mission that is behind the solid collaboration with the Venetian Civic Museums and that gave life to the first Museum of Perfume, after the Parisian one opened in 2017. The visit to the Museum of Perfume, host inside Palazzo Mocenigo, is a fundamental step to understand the complexity of this world. In the perfume laboratory, on the ground floor, the Merchant of Venice organizes thematic workshops (available upon reservation) to learn how to use the olfactory pyramids and create amazing personalized fragrances.

Useful Info

The Merchant of Venice
Campo San Fantin, 1895
30124 Venezia
+39 041 2960559

Perfume Workshop:
Lenght: 2 hours
Price: depends on number of participants
Experience: visit of the Museum, basic 2 hours course, “The Merchant of Venice” kit with eight fragrances, recipes and instruments
To book: Musei Civici Veneziani

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