Bellini Canella

The iconic aperitif, symbol of Venice

Strolling around the bridges of Venice, passing through its typical “calli” kissed by the sun and enjoying the sunset staring at the lagoon, it is an experience that everybody should try once in the life.
There’s one moment that allows you to live the most authentic Venetian soul: it is the magical time of “aperitivo“, a real institution in Veneto. If you wish to feel part of this amazing city, then nothing is better than sipping the Venetian drink par excellence: the famous Bellini Canella.

A symbol of Venice all over the world, its ingredients definitely recall the fascinating Italian Dolce Vita; pulp of white peaches pefectly ripe and mixed with bubbly Spumante Brut with the addition of some drops of raspberries, that give the cocktail its characteristic pink color, reminiscence of summer sunsets.

Bellini was born in Venice back in 1948 and its name took inspiration from the color of the tunic of a saint painted in a masterpiece by Giovanni Bellini, a famous Venetian painter. But it was Luciano Canella, a true lover of Venice and of its renown food tradition, to have the idea in 1988 to bottle the iconic aperitif. Luciano at that time was in fact passionate of “wine coolers”, the American drinks made with wine and fruit he was used to read about in the glossy magazines coming from the States. Then he started to prepare and bottle its Bellini in San Donà di Piave where, since 1952, he used to produce sparkling wines, a business that was originally born in order to supply wine to the restaurant of his mother Giovanna.

The success arrived soon both in Italy and in the entire world and Luciano, willing to represent the Made in Italy at its very best, decided to respect faithfully the original recipe by allowing only the use of high quality fresh white peaches that he started to cultivate by his own in San Donà di Piave. The peaches are harvested only when perfectly ripe in order to obtain the maximum concentration of sugars and natural aromas. In fact, when you open a bottle of Bellini Canella, the fruits smell just as freshly made; a lovely sugary sweetness enhanced by fresh bubbles obtained without any addition of food colorings or preservatives.

What would be Venice without its Bellini? This cocktail is in fact strongly tied with all the most important annual events of the city, such as New Year’s Eve or “Redentore”, both characterized by an explosion of Bellini Canella’s toasts to seal its strong relation with the most romantic side of the city.

  • Why you will love it
    Because it is simply the perfect aperitif for the beautiful summer nights: simple, fresh and elegant!
  • Where to taste it
    During an elegant brunch or an aperitif served in the terrace of a Venetian palace, such as the Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal which boasts an amazing view on the Basilica del Redentore.
  • The perfect pairing
    With the traditional Pierini, small fried toasted sandwiches filled with ham and emmetal cheese cream, to appreciate Bellini as a true “Veneziano DOC” would do!

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