Cantina Pizzolato

“Il Barbarossa” Raboso Malanotte del Piave DOCG

The hypnotic geometric wood texture that sculpts the profile of an architecture surrounded by nature is what characterizes Cantina Pizzolato; one of the most beautiful eco-sustainable wineries in the green building sector in Italy located on the sweet plain between River Piave and the Dolomites.

A winery that is synonymous of pure design and zero impact, thanks to the modern lines defined through the use of wood, the structural soul of the building designed by MADE Architecture Studio of Treviso. The main character is the Cansiglio beech wood used to make the interiors and, for the first time ever, also the exteriors. It is obtained without cutting down healthy trees but reusing the cut wood from the periodic forest maintenance. Furnitures are also made of beech wood, such as the tables and the tasting counters where you can try the authentic and delicious Piave wines and an excellent organic Prosecco.

A wise union between landscape and architecture, past and present, for this reason Cantina Pizzolato achieved many awards, such as the prize “Eccellenza del Paesaggio” at Vinitaly 2018, the inclusion in the project of the artist Mario Cucinella, exhibited at the Biennale di Venezia 2018 and a mention in the well-known Mies van Der Rohe Awards 2017 in Barcelona.

Cantina Pizzolato

Since 1991, the Pizzolato family, in total respect of the nature, the land and the traditional wine making process, has been producing exclusively organic wine from vineyards worked with sustainable and often innovative methods. Last November, for example, it was toasted, for the first time, with a Novello, obtained from particularly resistant vines, selected to be more resistant, in order to almost totally reduce the treatments. A record proudly achieved by the Pizzolato winery thanks to a continuous research into winemaking techniques.

The highest expression of the Pizzolato enological philosophy is the Malanotte del Piave DOCG “Il Barbarossa”, an organic and Vegan Certified wine. Sincere and blunt, like the man to whom it is dedicated, Settimo Pizzolato, whom with his great love for the land led the company towards the choice, both modern and so ancient at the same time, of the organic production.

Malanotte strikes for its exceptional balance and roundness, obtained from a unique winemaking: the austere character of the Raboso grapes is softened by the addition of wine from the same grapes left to dry for a few months, followed by a resting for about 24 months in oak barrels and barriques that gives the wine velvety and precious nuances. The intense aroma of chocolate and blackberry jam, the memory of marasca cherry with light spicy notes make it one of the best expressions of Raboso Piave DOCG.

  • Why you will love it
    The perfect balance between the frankness of Raboso and the roundness of its dried grapes, represents a unique sensorial experience, made special by the love for nature that characterizes every single step of the making process of this wonderful wine.
  • Where to taste it
    To fully experience all the magic of the Pizzolato world it is sufficient to book a tour of the winery and enjoy an amazing walk through the vineyards, by bike if the weather is kind, visit the “barricaia” and to conclude the tasting in the breathtaking and carefully designed tasting room with a panoramic view.
  • The perfect pairing
    It is perfect with noble dishes, but it becomes a great pleasure when paired with chocolate.

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