Grappoli di Luna, La Vigna di Sarah

The sparkling wine born from the magic of a full moon night

Grappoli di Luna is the masterpiece of the wine production of La Vigna di Sarah, winery in Vittorio Veneto (TV), guided by the passion and energy of Sarah Dei Tos. A Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG sparkling wine that encloses all the elegance of the silver shades of a full moon under which the grapes are hand-harvested, quickly managed to keep the tastes fresh and the scents alive.

Grappoli di Luna was born during a night dream, during a peculiar grape harvest that take place, for 4 years, during a full moon night between the end of August and the first half of September. Harvesting during the cooler hours of the night, allow to slow down the fermentation process of the grapes to preserve aromas and perfumes; the grapes, immediately manipulated express a perfect balance and a fine sensorial complexity.

Tasting a glass of Grappoli di Luna is like living a real experience made of traditions, beliefs and a strong link with the territory. It is not a coincidence if the hill embroidered by vineyards raws where this sparkling wine is born, is called Col di Luna, where the Sarah’s wineries was founded.

La Vigna di Sarah

The night harvest has become in the year an awaited fixture and an unusual experience in the vineyard, but also a great party that celebrates the ancient oenological tradition of this land, under the moon light. From this year, this peculiar grape harvest received another important recognition, becoming completely organic.

Looking at this Spumante Millesimato Brut, it shows an amazing moon color, straw yellow with silver shades and smelling it, it reminds the sweet perfume of the linden trees and exotic scents of passion fruit. The perlage is fine and creamy, thin and elegant bubbles that enhance its elegance. Tasting the wine, it’s evident the great balance of senses, a bouquet of flowers with a pleasant clean end.

  • Why you will love it
    Each sip of this elegant Spumante will be as a walk through the hills under the moonlight!
  • Where to taste it
    In the place where it was born, in the amazing scenery of the Agriturismo La Vigna di Sarah.
  • The perfect pairing
    With fish or with Risi e Bisi to recall the tradition, or, as Sarah suggests, with Grappoli di Luna Tagliolini on a carrot cream with seared cuttlefish.

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