Al Segnavento (VE)

In Zelarino, a small town between Venice and Treviso, lays an unexpected oasis of bucolic countryside, inspired by the values of eco-sustainability and genuine rural traditions, that consists of a farm, a restaurant, Al Segnavento, an Agriosteria, Ai Brillanti, and a B&B, Fiori & Frutti. All around, romantic lawns interrupted only by wooden fences where the animals graze quietly. Suffolk sheep (those of Wallace & Gromit!), pigs, and all kinds of poultry run around free, while in the elegant stables American Quarter Horses, a great passion of the owners, are bred for racing.


The restaurant is nothing like the usual “agritourism”: sophisticated like a British country club, it boasts elegant interiors with black Thonet-style chairs, white tablecloths, wooden paneling and a young crew serving in perfect white shirts and braces. Most of the products used in the kitchen are self-produced by the farm following the organic agriculture philosophy: meat, eggs, fruit, vegetables, jams…The dishes, orchestrated by executive chef Patrizia Del Ponte and sous chef Alessio Loppoli, are those of the traditional Venetian cuisine revisited to please even the finest international palates: from pasta and “gnocchi” (potato dumplings) with duck sauce to tasty meat, such as lamb leg with herbs, everything is just freshly handmade according to the local ancient traditions.

For those willing to immerse themselves completely in the beauty of the Venetian countryside, the resort also offers a B&B with swimming pool housed in a typical country mansion surrounded by orchards and bordered by a romantic river. The decor of the ten rooms is inspired by English cottages and characterized by wood paneling, curtains decorated with floral motifs and equestrian sports memorabilia.

The Vintage Rapsody Yacht Experience

Useful Info

Al Segnavento
Via Gatta 76/c
30174 Zelarino, Venezia
Tel. +39 041 5020075

Sunday Menu: Chef’s choice experience 50 euro (water and wine included)
Assaggi Menu: 35 euro (drinks excluded)
Piccolo Menu: 2 courses 37 euro, 3 courses 30 euro (drinks excluded)
First courses: 13 — 16 euro
Second courses: 20 — 21 euro

Open from Wednesday till Sunday, lunch only on Sunday
Rooms from 90 euro

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