L’Artigliere (VR)

Just imagine experience the cuisine, especially his renowned risottos, of chef Davide Botta within the setting of the largest and oldest rice-mill in Veneto, dating back to 1612, just in Isola della Scala, the town where the famous Italian rice Vialone Nano comes from.
Davide, part of the JRE Association (Jeunes Restaurateur d’Europe), one Michelin star from 2003 to 2011 when he was at the guide of restaurant Trattoria L’Artigliere in Gussago (BS), has literally fallen under the spell of this old inn immersed in the countryside to the point that in 2013 he decided to move here his restaurant.

Artboard 1Davide, an extraordinary big-hearted and generous chef, places at the center of his culinary experiments the quality of raw materials that he carefully selects: from “his” rice, the Vialone Nano “La Pila di Villa Boschi”, which he cultivates in 2 hectares of land near the Locanda, to the meat coming from the Consortium La Garronese Veneta (which observes a rigid production protocol) up to the Calvisano caviar produced from sturgeons aged at least 24 years. Davide’s straightforward recipes perfectly balance the original taste of the ingredients with his distinctive creative twist. One of his most famous dishes is just the perfect example of this approach: smoked risotto with raw red shrimp, candied lemon, caviar and leek sprouts. A truly exceptional recipe that is also included in the tasting menu called “I Fantastici 4” (“Fantastic Four”, where the 4 superheroes are the risottos).

Next to the scenic restaurant room, you can visit the rice museum where you can see the original machines of the ancient mill, in activity until the ’60s, characterized by being the only one with batteries of pestles made from a single block of marble and arranged in a 90° angle. An exceptional mechanical work considered the early age – the beginning of the 17th century – built under the guidance of the Murari Brà family. Giving a great impulse to the reclamation of these lands, the Murari Brà built the nearby Villa Boschi, the agricultural complex of which the rice-mill is part, today open to visits and private events.

Useful Info

Where: Isola della Scala, a small town a few miles from Verona, renowned for “Fiera del Riso”, the largest event dedicated to Italian rice and risotto, as well as the “Consortium for the protection of Vialone Nano Veronese Rice”, a rice variety internationally famous for its quality due to a generous land irrigated by pure spring waters
When: lunch or dinner
Why: to try the best Italian specialties based on rice immersed in the beauty of the land that generates one of the most famous Italian kinds of rice, Vialone Nano
How: the Locanda is the ideal place for a gourmet dinner pampered by Marina, Davide’s wife, and her young staff, or to treat yourself with a weekend break in Verona: after dinner you can, in fact, stay in one of the 5 rooms (named after some famous varieties of rice: Carnaroli, Arborio, Venus, Vialone Nano and Basmati) on the first floor of the Locanda. In the morning another pleasant surprise awaits you: not a breakfast, but a real tasting menu based on sweet and savory delights, which in summer are served in the garden in front of the mill. L’Artigliere is just the perfect starting point to visit some of the most famous Verona’s surroundings, from Valeggio sul Mincio to Valpolicella, passing through the center of Verona.

Via Boschi 5
37063 Isola della Scala, Verona
+39 045 6630710

First Courses: 18 – 25 Euro
Second Courses: 16 – 22 Euro
Tasting Menu “Fantastic Four”: 3 risottos e 1 dessert 42 Euro (wine excluded)
Tasting Menu from 4 to 8 courses: from 56 Euro (wine excluded)

Rooms from 80 Euro, Special Offer Dinner + 1 Night: from 320 Euro for 2 people

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