Bon Tajer (BL)

Gateway to the Dolomites, Bon Tajer is a magical place where you can experience the atmosphere of the Belluno hills, a unique territory that combines the authenticity of the Venetian countryside with the charm of the more sophisticated Cortina d’Ampezzo mountains.
Spoilt by the incredible hospitality of the Paganin Tremea family, you will enjoy a yummy cuisine made with seasonal fruits and vegetables, meat coming from naturally-bred-and-raised animals such as goats, pigs, cows, rabbits and chickens, as well as wild herbs and flowers; the latest being used to further characterize the “beautiful” recipes prepared by Chef Massimo Tremea that loves to add a creative twist to the traditional dishes. The name of the agritourism means “good trencher” in the Belluno dialect and since 1993 this wooden “plate” has become the symbol of the restaurant that over the years have been decorated with over 930 of them, each trencher being finely decorated by a different artist.

Bon Tajer - Veneto Secrets

Useful Info

Where: Lentiai, on the hills near Belluno, close to the Dolomites
When: Friday and Saturday for dinner, Sunday for lunch
Why: a picturesque agritourism & restaurant: a rural chic world where experiencing the unique traditions of the Belluno hills and a yummy cuisine made of genuine products
How: make the most of the incredible value for money of Bon Tajer by buying up on their fab homemade products such as salami, croste di polenta (traditional maize-flour porridge crusts), jams, apple juices…The agritourism offers also 6 lovely rooms and 1 apartment finely decorated with traditional furniture and rustic-chic details.
Bon Tajer
Frazione Colderù 112
32020 Lentiai, Belluno
+39 0437 751105

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