Ca’ Piadera (TV)

On the hills of Tarzo, Ca ‘Piadera, from the ancient toponym of the area located in the heart of the Prosecco DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene region, contains all the best of the Venetian agricultural and artisan tradition in an enchanted place that invites you to “stop”. You will be welcomed by the scent of the earth and medicinal herbs, the silence of the larch and chestnut woods and all the beauty of the nature of the Venetian hills enclosed in a breathtaking landscape. That same panorama that, by chance, made the owner, Glauco Forte, Venetian, fall in love with an abandoned 19th century farmhouse, to the point of pushing him to restore it, make it his home of choice and start his adventure driven by the desire to create a world where you can feel pampered and loved by nature itself.

So in 2011 the farm was born first, then, slowly, in 2012 the catering began and from May 2016 also the activity of rustic-chic B&B, thanks to seven rooms furnished with exquisite taste. The farmhouse was, in fact, renovated in the name of respect for the environment, preferring the use of stones, wood and elements of recovery from the old farmhouse. With the help of an artisan carpentry from nearby Cadore, the design has been enriched with original objects dedicated to the professions of the past that perfectly combine the charm of the mountain with the spirit of the industrial style: an ox yoke has been transformed into a hanger for a wardrobe, an old trunk has become a suitcase rack and tools for the fields a headboard.

The atmosphere you breathe is that of a large family, where every detail borders on perfection precisely because Ca ‘Piadera is first and foremost the “home” of its owner, who follows with love all the activities of the farm: from production to rigorously harvested manual of Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene Extra Dry and Brut DOCG wines and Cabernet Franc IGT, awarded by the Decanter 2015, to the care of the vegetable garden and the orchard up to the breeding of animals in a semi-wild state. The few raw materials that are not self-produced, such as cheeses, are all procured from local suppliers who embrace the same philosophy.

The restaurant offers a dream menu for those who love genuine flavors: local recipes based on homemade pasta and meats are revisited by the Chef in a modern way in terms of appearance and recipe, following the rhythms of nature, season after season as our grandmothers made and proposals in combination with self-produced wines or craft beers. It is precisely from our “mothers” that Ca ‘Piadera draws continuous inspiration by kneading bread, cakes, gnocchi, lasagna and tagliatelle every day and preparing rabbit, guinea fowl, chicken and pork to be cooked in the oven or in a pot with vegetables from the garden, certain that good food is above all made of love and conviviality.

For lunch or dinner, in summer you can choose between the gazebo overlooking the hills or the table under the flowery portico, while in winter you can dine in front of the fireplace or along the ancient “manger” used as a wine rack. On a monthly basis, Ca ‘Piadera also organizes musical evenings and cooking classes and events related to the psycho-physical well-being of the person.

The Secret

The choice of the number 6 in the logo of the farm, in the wine labels and other details of the coordinated image, is due to the fact that the 6 was the original number of the house, chosen as a lucky charm by its new owner. In fact, the old original stone is still preserved above the fireplace in one of the rooms.

Useful Info

Ca’ Piadera
Via Piadera 6
31020 Nogarolo di Tarzo, Treviso
Tel. +39 0438 586768

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