La Vigna di Sarah (TV)

La Vigna di Sarah is a beautiful farmhouse, surrounded by 16 hectares of organic vineyards stretching along the hillsides of Vittorio Veneto, located on top of a panoramic a hill romantically named Col di Luna (Moon Hill) because in the nights of full moon the celestial body invests the property with a special, magic glow.
The wine estate was born in 2010 from the passion for nature and wine of the young businesswoman Sarah Dei Tos who, after falling in love with an old, abandoned, farmhouse, decided to restore it, retaining all the original features of the old structure, from the floors to the wooden beams, in order to create the perfect bucolic showcase for her Prosecco wines. La Vigna di Sarah includes a B&B with 3 rooms and many relax zones, both indoor and outdoor, and the charming Lunotte, the first barrels conceived to live literally immersed in the beauty of the Prosecco hills.

Useful Info

Where: on the hills of Vittorio Veneto, 15 minutes away from Valdobbiadene, the “heart” of the Prosecco DOCG production
When: anytime, just call in advance to arrange for your stay or visit (the facilities are also available for lunch/dinner/parties upon request)
Why: to experience Lunotte, the first design barrels in the world equipped with any comfort for an overnight stay (they feature a bathroom with shower and air conditioning) or a wine tasting
How: arrange for the wine tasting of Grappoli di Luna (moon grapes), the first Prosecco harvested at night that has been specifically developed to exploit the positive influence of the lunar phases on the wine itself.

La Vigna di Sarah
Via Col de Luna, 6
31029 Cozzuolo, Vittorio Veneto, Treviso
+39 340 6003442

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