Locanda Le 4 Ciacole (VR)

An Italian gastronomic fairy tale. This is the Locanda, born under the good star of the bell tower of the church of Roverchiara, a small town in the Bassa Veronese, 30 km from Verona. Its history is that of the Scandogliero family, shopkeepers for 3 generations who have handed down the cult of culinary art with remarkable love and passion.

It all started back in 1904 with the “Bar dalla Linda”, the foodies’ reference point of the town. Gradually the family enlarged the business year after year, turning the food store into a gourmet empire: in 2008 the Locanda opens, today one of the most renowned restaurants in Italy, in 2016 it’s the turn of L’Imbottito in the center of Verona, a most informal bistro, whilst in 2019 La Dispensa was launched, a traditional osteria annexed to the Locanda; and for summer of 2020 we are all looking forward to the inauguration of the Ridotto in Marano della Valpolicella, a rustic-chic trattoria immersed in the vineyards.
One hundred and twenty years of history, many changes, but always true to the same philosophy; today it is Tiziano with his son Marco who continues the family tradition: offering the best meats, salami, and cheeses in the world, the result of a maniacal search for the best products of Italy.

Locanda Le 4 Ciacole - Veneto Secrets

Tiziano will, in fact, arrange for you a tasting of some of the most amazing cured meats and cheeses on earth; such as Malenca, a raw salted meat from Valtellina, Bue Grasso (fat ox) di Carrù, Attilio Fontana’s Montagnana ham or Stortine della Bassa Veronese PGI, a salami made, according to a secret recipe of the Scandogliero family, with fresh pork conserved in terracotta pots together with melted lard to create an ultra soft and very sweet product. And the cheeses: from Monte Veronese della Lessinia to Bitto della Valtellina, a cheese matured for over 20 years.

The cuisine – orchestrated by starred chef Francesco Baldissarutti and the sous chef Bruno Vignolle – focuses on enhancing the taste of the raw materials, such as special meat cuts or fresh fish, following the season’s availability. An entire section of the menu is dedicated to the art of the spit-roasted meat, a real delicatessen in Italy. All breads and pastas are handmade with organic flour.

The decor is warm and welcoming, with that intimate atmosphere typical of those places you would never want to leave, made of memorabilia and vintage furniture thanks to Gabriella, Tiziano’s wife, who used to run an antique art shop in Verona.

The cellar is managed by Marco, elected the best AIS sommelier in the Veneto region in 2016, and has over 500 labels, with a special preference for natural and organic wines.

Useful Info

Where: in the main square of the small town of Roverchiara.
When: lunch or dinner.
Why: if you are a meat or cheese lover, here you can taste the best artisanal products ever hand made in Italy.
How: just book a table near the huge food counter at the entrance of the restaurant. Watching Tiziano at work is a real show: you will see how carefully, like an artist who chooses the colors to paint his masterpiece, he selects the meats and cheeses for you to be tasted. Each of them reveals a special history and taste, the result of that renowned craftsmanship that makes Italy so unique.


Le 4 Ciacole e La Dispensa
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 10
37050 Roverchiara, Verona
+39 0442 685115

Via Giovanni della Casa 7
37122 Verona
+39 045 9299932

Tasting menu: 60 euro wine excluded 
Cure meat or cheese selections: from 12 euro (single portion) to 48 euro (table tasting)
First courses: from 12 euro
Second courses: from 17 euro

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