Orto di Venezia (VE)

Orto di Venezia, the only winery in Venice, is located in a shabby-chic farm house in the quiet island of Sant’Erasmo, where the vineyards are naturally grown thanks to the favourable Lagoon’s climate and rich terroir. Orto, a unique 5-year-aged white wine, has been created by Michel Thoulouze, a French businessman who, after getting into the international limelight with the foundation of various television channels, including famous Canal Plus, fell in love with Venice and decide to settle down there.

Useful Info
: the quiet, rural island of Sant’Erasmo, reachable via water-bus from Cavallino Treporti or Fondamenta Nove in Venice (Capannone stop)
When: daytime
Why: the only winery in Venice, where you can try the unique Orto wine nestled by the relaxing atmosphere of the most authentic Lagoon’s country life
How: enjoy one of the most original wine tastings ever by booking a visit on the website www.ortodivenezia.com.
Orto di Venezia
via delle Motte 1
Sant’ Erasmo, 30141 Venezia
+39 041 2444021

Visit cost: 20 euro each up to 2 people, 15 euro each for over 4 people.

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