Osteria alla Frasca (VE)

La Frasca is a corner of Venice that has survived virtually intact since 1903 when it was opened as a tavern where wine was still traditionally served in large wooden demijohns. Located in the small Corte della Carità, one of those romantic squares where children play ball and the old Venetian ladies sit outside their homes lazily chatting away, the building is said to be used as a warehouse by the great Renaissance painter Tiziano who lived for 45 years in a nearby building.

Osteria alla Frasca - Veneto Secrets

Attracted by the picturesque location, in 2012, the Venetian restaurateur Bruno Natural decided to take it over and bring it back to its original charm. Besides restoring every original detail – from the sign hanging outside the door to the wood furnishings – he literally brought back to life what was left of the old frasca (leafy plant that used to be planted outside the taverns to protect their entrance from the sun’s heat). Thanks to Bruno’s green thumb, the frasca has reached giant proportions: in summer you can eat al fresco under its generous branches, while in winter the restaurant is protected by a cosy veranda that echoes the music that Bruno always selects with great care.

Osteria alla Frasca - Veneto Secrets

Alla Frasca offers a simple, yet deliciously super-Venetian cuisine: Venetian are the raw materials that mainly come from the Rialto Market or local vegetable gardens, Venetian are the recipes, most of the drinks (including Orto, the only wine actually produced in Venice) and even the coffee that comes from the Girani coffee roasting company, the last one remaining in Venice.
When you feel like getting lost in Venice’s magic and leave everything behind, just head to Osteria alla Frasca and you won’t be disappointed.

The Secret

The son of the first owners of the Frasca still lives in the neighborhood: it is he, who occasionally visits “his” old tavern, who told Bruno about the many legends linked to this corner of Venice and who gave him many photos historical that it keeps inside the room.

Useful Info

Osteria alla Frasca
Corte Carità, Cannaregio 5176
30121 Venezia
Tel. +39 041 2412585

Starters: 14 — 20 euro
First Courses: 15 euro
Second Courses: 22 — 24 euro

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