Osteria Enoteca Della Vigna (TV)

Located at the foot of the beautiful slopes of the Montello hills, the Osteria is a charming place where tradition meets a young and creative crew that will delight each minute of your stay. Located inside an ancient “barchessa” (a rural service building, typical of the architecture of the Palladian villas), former property of the Counts Loredan Gasparini, the restaurant offers a nice winter garden with a charming view on the vineyards that surrounds the garden.

Osteria Enoteca della Vigna - Veneto Secrets

The décor is very cozy, typical of the old country mansions, characterized by leather couches, rough wooden tables and large shelves where the wine bottles are displayed.

The menu is a tribute to the best local tradition where the choice of fresh and seasonal materials is a daily commitment. The kitchen crew, in fact, regularly visits small producers, local butchers, and markets in order to buy the best local products. Among the must-try dishes: the delicious “cacio e pepe” (cheese and pepper) spaghetti, pasta with bottarga (salted, cured fish roe), the legendary ribs as well as the yummy Tiramisù. Prepared according to an ancient recipe, which includes only three ingredients, this simple yet irresistible dessert is an absolute must of the place. The wine list includes about 80 labels, mainly Italian, with a wide selection of local wines.

Useful Info

Where: at the foot of the Montello hills, near Treviso
When: open from Wednesday to Sunday, either for lunch or dinner
Why: to dine surrounded by the charming beauty of the vineyards and taste the best traditional “granny’s recipes”
How: book a table in the winter garden and let the chef Stefano to delight you with the best local products and wines

Osteria Enoteca Della Vigna
Via Schiavonesca Nuova, 227
31040 Selva del Montello, Treviso
+39 0423 870050

Entrées: 10 – 14 euro
Main courses: 10 – 14 euro
Second Courses: 12 – 18 euro
Desserts: 5 – 7 euro

Tasting menu: 40 euro

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