Osteria Madonnetta (VI)

Osteria Madonnetta retains all the charm and beauty of traditional Italian “osterie” (aka cosy taverns) thanks to 110 years of history under the caring guidance of the same family. One of those rare places where you can feel at home at any time of the day and warmly welcomed no matter if you are a traveller, a busy manager, an artist or a local. The same genuine convivial atmosphere that intrigued a young Ernest Hemingway who was a regular of the cosy osteria when in 1918 he got to Italy as a Red Cross volunteer…

Useful Info
: Marostica, a lovely hamlet between Vicenza and Treviso
When: anytime
Why: one of the best taverns in Veneto with a great family atmosphere and a genuine, homemade cuisine
How: lunch or dinner; remember to book a table as it’s a pretty popular spot
Osteria Madonnetta
Via Vajenti 21
36063 Marostica, Vicenza
+39 0424 75859

First Courses: 7 – 8 euro
Second Courses: 7 – 14 euro
Desserts: 2.5 – 5 euro

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