Tenuta Giusti Wine (TV)

The dreamy Giusti Wine Estate was founded by Ermenegildo Giusti, a descendant of a noble family from Conegliano, who, after leaving his country to go and seek fortune in Canada where he founded a very successful business in the construction industry, forty-three years later came back to his native town in Nervesa della Battaglia (Treviso) to follow his dreams: the touristic revamp of his beloved hills.

Today, his estate includes nearly 100 hectares of vineyards, a panoramic winery that will be ready in 2019 and several country houses. The beautiful Country House Abazia lays on the hills near the famous Abbey of Saint Eustachio, one of the most important symbols of Veneto, where Galateo, possibly the most famous “etiquette” guidebook in the world, was written by Giovanni della Casa in the 16th-century.

Today the Abbey of Saint Eustachio is back to life thanks to a conservative restoration that lasted six hundred days and allowed to recover part of the walls of the Abbey, some areas of the former convent area and original floors, as well as the creation of suggestive panoramic terraces to enjoy the view on the hills and the vineyards.

The Giusti wines can be tasted, by reservation, even in the underground tasting hall of the Abbey, perhaps coming from the ancient Via dei Frati that leads up to the Abbey and along which you can admire the Hermitage of San Girolamo, dated back to 14th-century.

Useful Info

Where: Nervesa della Battaglia, near Treviso
When: daytime
Why: one of the very best wine producers in Veneto
How: first visit the Country House Abazia (the luxe B&B offers 6 spatious rooms and a fab barrique cellar) and take a walk through the woods to reach the famous Abbey of Saint Eustace . Then drive back to (only 3 km away) to the Rosalia Estate, take a tour of the vineyards to watch the view from the Panoramic Tower and finally walk to the Rolando Estate to enjoy the tasting of some exquisite wines.
Tenuta Giusti Wine

Via del Volante 4
31040 Nervesa della Battaglia, Treviso

Country House Abazia
Via Arditi 1
31040 Nervesa della Battaglia, Treviso
+39 0422 720198

Abbey of Saint Eustachio

Rosalia and Rolando Estates

Country House Abazia

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