Al Capriolo (BL)

Al Capriolo mixes the most traditional Dolomites cultural heritage with the colourful retro-chic accents that inspired Wes Anderson for Grand Hotel Budapest. In Vodo Cadore near Cortina, it’s the only restaurant in the area where you can eat surrounded by original 19th-century paintings, decorations and hunting trophies dating back to the magical time when the former Service Station & Post Office, located along the road built by Maria Theresa of Austria to connect Venice with Tyrol and Bavaria through the Dolomites, supplied carriages remittance service, food and accommodation to travelers.

Useful Info

Where: a little town 16 km from Cortina, in the Dolomites area
When: lunch or dinner
Why: the restaurant it’s famous for the yummy game-based dishes
How: book a table “under” the roe deer trophy, where Lord Byron and Paul Grohmann used to seat, and order the Gran Piatto di Cacciagione (Grand Game Dish)

Al Capriolo
Via Nazionale 108
32040 Vodo Cadore, Belluno
+39 0435 489207

First courses: 18 – 20 euro, second courses: 25 – 40 euro. The restaurant includes also a budget bistro eatery called Il Capriolino

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