Fondazione Jonathan Collection – Famous Historical Aircraft (TV)

In Nervesa della Battaglia, at the foot of the Montello hills, theatre of the most legendary air battles of World War I, the airfield hosts a very unique fleet composed of some of the world’s most iconic vintage airplanes, original or perfect replicas, like the “Red Baron”‘s Fokker Dr.1, Francesco Baracca’s Spad XIII, the Tiger Moth used for the filming of “The English Patient” or the Wright Flyer, the first successful plane! The aviation “museum”, one of a kind and one of the most beautiful in the world, is partly housed in an original hangar Bessonneau from World War I, the only one still being used to hold planes, and includes also an evocative club-house full of pictures, trophies and memorabilia.

Useful Info

Where: near Treviso, at the foot of the Montello hills
When: at weekends, 10:00 – 12:00 / 14:30 – till dawn, call for other times
Why: get ready to be blown away by emotions travelling back in time in a beautiful setting surrounded by one of the most beautiful fleet of iconic vintage planes in the world
How: book a guided tour (ask for Mr. Roberto, the PR of the Foundation, he will tell you amazing flying-related trivia) that could also include a private demonstration flight of one or more planes.
Fondazione Jonathan Collection
Campo d’Aviazione Francesco Baracca
Via Fra Giocondo 8°
31040 Nervesa della Battaglia, TV
+39 340 3998101

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