Osteria Cuzziol da Tizio (TV)

A point of reference for local gourmets, Osteria Da Tizio is a “marine” corner hidden among the slopes of the Conegliano area. The restaurant is located in the city of Susegana, on a panoramic hill from which you can admire the Castle of San Salvatore, an ancient medieval fortress, a symbol of the city.

The wide summer terrace of Osteria Da Tizio is undoubtedly a unique “stage” from which to enjoy the view over the rows of vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see. Here, pampered by the summer breeze, the palate is delighted by fresh fish specialties that make the restaurant’s gastronomic proposal very unique for the area. The place is masterfully managed by the Vido brothers, Tiziano “Tizio”, the host of the restaurant, and Antonio, the chef and a fine expert in fish specialties.


The internal rooms are characterized by an eclectic and colorful decor that makes the environment very lively and cozy; each object has a unique history, carefully chosen by Tizio and Paola, or given by their many friends.

Here Tiziano and Antonio love to organize parties as well as charity evenings for the children of the Hospital of Padua, as care and sensibility are a fundamental part of their life philosophy.


The Secret

In the garden, you will see an original red and blue boat and some briccole (the wooden poles on which Venice is built) on which wooden seagulls rest. It bears the same name as its owner and, when the evening falls, it transforms into an unusual lighted bar counter, almost ready to set sail among the soft waves of the pre-Alpine hills.

Useful Info

Osteria Cuzziol Da Tizio
Via Vigna 33
31048 Susegana, Treviso
Tel. +39 0423 949056

Appetizers: 8 – 15 euro
Main courses: 13 – 18 euro
Second courses: 15 – 25 euro
Tasting Menu: 55 euro all included

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