Ristorante Birraria Ottone (VI)

With its authentic “old-fashioned” cinematographic charm, Ristorante Birraria Ottone is a piece of history in the very heart of Bassano, managed by the same family for five generations. The adventure of the restaurant began in 1865 when the master brewer Ottone, the family founder, arrived from Austria importing for the first time fabulous German and Austrian beers. A few years later, in 1882, the business moved to its current location, a fascinating 15th century building  characterized by Art Nouveau furnishings and decorations dating back to 1924, and a romantic winter garden beautifully restored in the late 80s. Among old leather seats and original painted walls,  hundreds of objects collected over time, historical photos and details testify the huge history of this place and the Wipflinger family who, since 150 years, pampers its customers masterfully.

Ottone - Veneto Secrets

The restaurant’s wide menu winks at history with some traditional dishes, such as their renowned meat goulash, made according to the original recipe, alongside more classic proposals such as fillet or beef nut and many traditional dishes, from “pasta e fagioli” (pasta and beans) to the roasted cod “alla Vicentina”. The menu includes also fish recipes such as tartare, tuna or sea bass fillet to name a few. The wine list is also well stocked with many proposals of reds, whites and bubbles both national and foreign. A stop here is a real journey in a truly fascinating atmosphere made of soft lights, authentic environments and that special warmth that makes you feel immediately at home.

Useful Info

Where: in the city center of Bassano del Grappa
When: lunch or dinner
Why: to try some of the most traditional recipes immersed in a charming “old-fashioned” atmosphere
How: book a table in advance to enjoy this historical spot and to meet Nonno Otto. Hopefully he will tell you some special story or funny anecdote about the Restaurant and his family!

Ristorante Birraria Ottone
Via Giacomo Matteotti 48/50, 
36061, Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza
Tel: 0424 522206

Appetizers: 9 – 12 euro
First courses: 10 – 11 euro
Main courses: 13 – 18 euro

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